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Teaching and Learning Community of Practice Sharing Series

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Let’s Game! Let’s Gamify! The Journey to Make Learning Fun


Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (T&L CoP) invites you to join our 90-minute webinar to ride on the journey of making learning fun through games.

Gamification is about applying game elements to traditional learning activities for attaining the existing learning outcomes; while Game-based Learning is to design active learning activities with game-like natures for achieving specific learning objectives and outcomes. They are popular pedagogical approaches that can positively impact student engagement and motivation, as well as optimise student learning.

This webinar will spotlight three teaching cases involving Gamification and/or Game-based Learning. There will also be an open floor discussion for you to interact with our speakers after their sharing:

Application of Augmented Reality App and Digital Badges in Game-Based Teaching and Learning Activities at City University of Hong Kong by Dr. Richard CHEUNG and Ms. Belle WONG, City University of Hong Kong

More than 75% of Hong Kong students play games through their digital devices. Why? Because digital games motivate them to compete and collaborate in an entertaining and risk-free environment. Dr. Cheung and Ms Wong at CityU initiated an AR App “Chemicals in the Environment” to gamify the T & L process which draws students’ attention to management of chemicals in a modern home in an interactive and collaborative way. Besides, we award Digital Badges to students’ results in assessment activities. Students are encouraged to achieve course intended learning outcomes by earning relevant digital badges through game-like mechanics. In this presentation, their experience will be shared.

Chicken or Egg, Course or Game? - Where to Start Designing your Game-Based Learning Environment? by Dr. Meike SAUERWEIN, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Mr. Cyril LEE, Blackbody Lab Ltd

This presentation will provide insights on two approaches towards developing game-based learning activities, using the examples of (1) gamifying course materials on life cycle thinking compared to (2) the design of a lecture around a serious game about sustainable consumption. Dr. Sauerwein and Dr. Lee will share the challenges and key takeaways from the two different design processes and experiences from applying both games in class.

Digital Game-Based Learning: A Case Study in Business Education by Dr. Fred KU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Higher education has been seriously affected by COVID since 2020. Universities all over the world have been adopting e-Learning strategies to supplement the traditional face-to-face teaching and learning. In this presentation, Dr. Ku will discuss his findings on how online games can enhance students’ virtual learning experience and the learning outcomes in tertiary business education.

Date & Time

23 March 2022 (Wednesday), 2:30 pm to 4:00 p.m.


Dr. Fred KU Leader, Gamification and Game-based Learning Subgroup, CUHK Teaching and Learning Community of Practice

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Richard CHEUNG Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Fred KU Leader, Gamification and Game-based Learning Subgroup, CUHK Teaching and Learning Community of Practice

Senior Lecturer, Department of Decision Sciences and ManagerialEconomics

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Director of Studies in

Undergraduate Studies in Business, and Co-Director of Integrated BBA

Programme, CUHK Business School

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr. Cyril LEE Chief Designer and Co-founder,

Blackbody Lab Ltd.

Dr. Meike SAUERWEIN Lecturer I, Division of Environment and Sustainability

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ms. Belle WONG Instructional Designer, Office of the Chief Information Officer

City University of Hong Kong


Zoom (This event will be held using Zoom video conferencing software. The Zoom login link and passcode will be provided to successful registrants.)


Teaching and Learning Community of Practice

Medium of Instruction


Target Audience

All teachers in higher education are welcome

Registration (CLOSED)

Enquiry or 3943 0834 3943 3534


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