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Thinking Methodologically in T&L Research - Thematic Analysis of Qualitative Data

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


Thematic analysis (TA) is one of the most commonly used methods of analysing data, particularly in social science disciplines such as Applied Linguistics and Education. This is understandable, given it is a methodical approach to the organisation and description of qualitative data in rich detail. However, despite its prevalence, its use is often unacknowledged or not fully understood. This workshop will help participants develop their understanding of TA as a form of qualitative data analysis. This will include discussing the theoretical positioning of TA, as well as the practical process of conducting empirical research using the approach. Additionally, by drawing on examples from published studies, participants will discuss the strengths and limitations of the approach, and will be invited to consider how it can be applied to their own areas of research interests. This will be supported with practical, hands-on group work, in which participants will be given the opportunity to practice coding and analysis of qualitative interview data.

Dr. Adam Brandt

Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Head of Applied Linguistics & Communication

Newcastle University


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