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Accredited Supplemental Instruction (SI) Supervisor Training (Fully Sponsored)

Updated: 7 days ago

A fully sponsored, internationally recognized, accredited professional development opportunity is being offered by the newly formed Special Interest Group (SIG) on Students as Partners (SaP) of the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (T&L CoP).


What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

SI is one of the largest peer learning programmes in higher education internationally. Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), which has been in operation at CUHK since 2010, is run on the SI model.


SI/PASS consists of weekly one‐hour, non‐compulsory study sessions led by peer leaders where students work together to consolidate understanding, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies. SI/PASS student leaders are selected, trained and supervised by SI/PASS supervisors, who oversee the programme operation.


SI/PASS has proven positive impact on student engagement as well as academic achievement. It also provides excellent leadership experience for the student leaders. A review of the benefits of SI/PASS can be found here: a quick overview, benefits to students, and a research survey.


The Supervisor Training

The upcoming in-person supervisor training will be delivered and is accredited by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.


Date and venue

June 19-20, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, at the Sino Building (SB), UG06 (full participation required for accreditation)


What it will cover

  • Theoretical frameworks underlying the SI model

  • Procedures for selecting SI courses and SI Leaders

  • Roles and benefits of supervisors and leaders

  • Evaluation and funding of the programme

  • Training and supervision of SI Leaders

  • Effective learning strategies and SI session activities


Who it is for

The training is for you if you are…

  • interested in exploring what peer learning can bring to your class/programme

  • looking for a cost-effective way to improve learning and student engagement in your class/programme

  • already using peer learning in your course/programme and would like to learn about the SI model

  • teaching staff, programme coordinators, or administrative staff nominated by your department/unit



The in-person training, which normally costs US$975 per person, will be fully subsidized.


Post training support

  • Manuals and other useful materials for implementation provided

  • Direct consultation with the International Center for Supplemental Instruction

  • Ability to join an active international community of peer learning practitioners

  • Conference and publication opportunities

  • If you are introducing SI/PASS to your course/programme in 2024-25, you will also receive partial financial support for the hiring of student leaders


How to enroll

The quota for the training is 40 participants. Please enroll by filling in this form here (

Where I can learn more about the training or SI

  • For information on PASS at CUHK, please visit the PASS@GEF website.

  • If you have any questions regarding enrolment, please contact Ms. Elaine YAU from the Office of University General Education (Ext. 37031; email

  • If you have any questions regarding the SI/PASS model or its potential implementation for your course/programme, kindly contact Dr. SZETO Wai Man from the Office of University General Education (Ext. 39713; email


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