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Questionnaire Design (Parts 1 & 2)

Updated: Mar 1


It is all too easy for survey questionnaires to produce poor results. This workshop highlights ways to avoid pitfalls in the wording of individual survey questions as well as for the questionnaire.

  • Part 1 covers creating a new questionnaire, trade-offs (clear versus short and simple), the 4 cognitive stages in survey response, question wording guidelines, and some issues with factual questions. Also included is an ‘end of session’ appendix with tips on demographic question, aids that improve respondent recall and solutions to sensitive questions.

  • Part 2 covers some issues with subjective questions, problematic question formats to beware of or avoid and highlights from the questionnaire as a whole. Also included is an ‘end of session’ appendix with tips for the visual side of web and paper self-completion surveys and tips for web surveys on mobile phones.


Date & Time

Part 1: 28 February 2024 (Wed) 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (HKT)

Part 2: 29 February 2024 (Thu) 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (HKT)

*Participants can choose to attend one or both sessions.


Online via Zoom

Language English


Dr Pamela Campanelli, Director, The Survey Coach

Dr Pamela Campanelli is a UK Survey Methods Consultant, Chartered Statistician, and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She has worked at the University of Michigan, the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the UK Institute for Social and Economic Research, the UK National Centre for Social Research and for her own business, The Survey Coach. She regularly teaches short courses in the UK and abroad for government departments, survey research companies, universities, as well as for various other organisations. She believes in delivering courses that are lively and engaging and foster an informal and interactive atmosphere.


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