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Ignite Conversations: Research and Pedagogical Innovation [Sharing session 1]

Updated: Jan 9

About the series

Ignite Conversations: Research and Pedagogical Innovation is a sharing series which showcases innovative teaching and learning research and pedagogical insights and ideas. The sharing series provides an interactive forum for discussing theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical issues of educational research as well as experimenting with novel teaching practice. The sessions also intend to generate awareness and foster collaborations among our community members and CUHK colleagues across disciplines and faculties.

Dr. Fred KU, Senior Lecturer, Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology

Topic: Internationalisation at Home through “Responsible Business - from East to West”

Abstract: CUHK Business School implements various teaching and learning initiatives to foster Internationalisation at Home and deepen students' understanding of global social issues. We will discuss one immersive collaborative program, "Responsible Business - from East to West," and share strategies for evaluating its impact on developing students' cross-cultural mindsets.

Dr. Ervi LIUSMAN, Senior Lecturer, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Topic: The role of virtual reality in modern day teaching: an illustrative example

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) plays an important role in enhancing the teaching and learning experience of the students. This research project aims to examine the impact of integrating VR into the teaching and learning of built environment discipline. By exploring the transformative potential of VR, this study attempts to address the questions: (1) What are the students’ perception of the use of VR on learning engagement? (2) Can the knowledge of students about retail space be enhanced through VR? This project employs quantitative data analysis. The students are invited to complete the questionnaire surveys after viewing the VR. The expected outcomes include an understanding of the benefits and challenges of integrating VR into education.


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