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Call for participants

Dear colleagues,


In the 2022-25 triennium, our CoP TDLEG project has expanded its scope to include pedagogical research support. To facilitate interaction among members, we have established a special interest group called Educational Research, which has close to 70 members as of today (


Currently, we are conducting a study on Pedagogic Research Engagement at CUHK. This study seeks to explore the factors that promote or impede the engagement of academic staff in pedagogic research, as well as to identify the types of support that effectively facilitate such engagement.


We sincerely invite all colleagues to complete the survey, which will take approximately 6 minutes. You can access the survey through this link:

Your responses will contribute to the development of our community and help us gather evidence on how to best support teachers in engaging in pedagogic research.


We would be grateful to hear from you by 24 April 2024.


Please feel free to circulate this email to colleagues who may be interested in participating in this study. 


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you,

Teaching and Learning Community of Practice  


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