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Design and Enhancement of Communal Classrooms

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The Design and Enhancement of Communal Classrooms SIG is dedicated to reimagining and transforming traditional classroom spaces into dynamic, collaborative learning environments that foster engagement, interaction, and knowledge sharing among students and educators. Our mission is to provide classroom design trips, as well as develop a checklist for the planning, design, and renovation of communal classrooms. Together, we envision a future where communal classrooms can address the evolving needs of learners and educators in the 21st century, where collaboration, student engagement and knowledge sharing are highly valued. 


Our focus is on, but not limited to, the following aspects:

  1. What are the key factors that contribute to a well-designed classroom?

  2. What are the essential elements and key characteristics that define an ideal classroom environment?

  3. What will classrooms of the future look like? How will advancements in education, technology, and pedagogical approaches shape the design and functionality of future classrooms?

Group Leader

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Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research

Past Activity

July 2023 - Tour of learning spaces and cross-institutional exchange between CUHK and the Vocational Training Council (VTC). We sincerely thank Ms. Lily KO and her team from the CUHK Library, Mr. Garfield MAK and his team from the AVSU, and Dr Frankie WONG and his team from the Department of Geography and Resource Management for their support.

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