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Beyond the eLearning Boundary from Online to Virtual -
Case Sharing of AR/VR Application in CUHK/CityU/HKU/ PolyU


Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR), CUHK
Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology (ELITE), CUHK
supported by the TDLEG: eLearning Community of Practice, CUHK


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are claiming stronger holds on education, but have you already experienced the capabilities of these exciting and transformational technologies? Have you ever considered how to use these innovations to strengthen your courseware and significantly enhance student learning experience?
The AR/VR Experience Day on 10 July, organized by CLEAR and ELITE and supported by the eLearning Community of Practice, will be an interactive and hands-on platform for you to learn about the implementation of AR/VR in CUHK and other institutions. You will be able to interact with the pioneers, try out the latest technologies and devices, and explore how they can be integrated into different fields of teaching and learning.


  • Sharing of AR/VR courseware development by the pioneers from CUHK and sister institutions

  • Hands-on Demonstrations

  • Trial Sessions

Date & Time

10 July 2018 (Tuesday), 09:45 am to 01:30 pm


Room B5, LG/F, Ho Tim Building, CUHK

Detailed rundown

0945 - 0950






0950 - 1010

1010 - 1030

1030 - 1050 

1050 - 1135

1135 - 1155 

1155 - 1205

1205 - 1225 

1225 - 1245

1255 - 1325

1325 - 1330

Welcoming Remarks  by

Professor Cecelia CHUN
Director of Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research

Professor Paul Lam
Project Leader of eLearning Community of Practice

Presentation #1 - The Application of Virtual Reality (VR) Technology for Animal Handling and Ethics Training

Dr. Olivia NGAN (1), Mr. Ray MF LEE (2) and Dr. Florence Mei Kuen TANG (3)
(1) CUHK Centre for Bioethics, Faculty of Medicine
(2) Information Technology Services Centre
(3) School of Biomedical Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Presentation #2 - DigestVR: a New Tool Giving a Facelift to Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

Dr. Ann Sin Nga LAU, Dr. Wai Kai WONG and Dr. Sam POON
School of Biomedical Sciences, 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Presentation #3 - In Class Deployment of Immersive Virtual Reality in Clinical Cardiology Pharmacy Education

Professor Vivian Wing-yan LEE
School of Pharmacy,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hands-on and Demonstration Session I

Coffee Break

Presentation #4 - Producing Our First Virtual Field Trip

Dr. Crusher WONG (1), Miss Angel LU (2) and Miss Kayla LAM (3)
(1) Senior Manager(e-Learning), Office of the Chief Information Officer
(2) Instructional Designer
(3) IT Officer
City University of Hong Kong

Presentation #5 - Virtual Reality - a New Dimension for Sharing and Communication

Professor Henry Y.K. LAU
Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering,
The University of Hong Kong

Presentation #6 - Stories from Ancient China: Inspire Students' Creativity to Create Storytelling VR Projects

Mr. Leo CH WONG and Mr. Teddy LEE
Media Services Team of Pao Yue-kong Library,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hands-on and Demonstration Session II



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