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Abstract: Qualitative data analysis is often described as complicated because qualitative research is subjective. If two different people interpret the same data differently, is that a problem? In this session we will navigate (and celebrate!) the subjective nature of qualitative research in two parts. First, we will reflect on how to conduct robust qualitative data analysis, and secondly, we will experience how different kinds of data analysis treat data in different ways. Half of the group will conduct thematic analysis on an interview transcript, and the other half will conduct narrative analysis on the same interview transcript. The goal of the session is not to ‘learn’ how to do thematic or narrative analysis; it is to understand how data can be interpreted very differently depending on the type of analysis used. In turn, this will help you justify any future analytical approach you use – an essential part of any qualitative research project. This is a highly interactive workshop that will involve group work. No prior knowledge is required – it is an introductory-level workshop. Do not worry if you have never done thematic or narrative analysis (or if you do not even know what they are!) – you will be given all the information you need during the workshop.

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Qualitative Data Analysis
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