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What you will learn...

The major goal of our CoP is to facilitate the dissemination, sharing and advancement of good practices through teachers’ forming close communities and giving each other mutual support. By joining our community, you will learn the most exciting and innovative pedagogical approaches and build networks with equally passionate and creative colleagues from our University and other local/ overseas institutions. If you are interested to keep up with the latest teaching trends and eLearning developments and to continuously improve your skills to boost student outcomes, please come on board!

Benefits & Opportunities

  • Recognition as a core member of the CoP by having a profile page on the website to showcase T&L achievements, innovations, awards, etc.

  • Development opportunities to enhance knowledge of teaching and learning

  • Privileges in signing up for our CoP events e.g. invited talks and workshops, company visits, etc.

  • Effective channels to publish and disseminate your work e.g. our project website, newsletters, events, etc.

  • Event support i.e. promotion and recruitment provided to members who would like to organize workshops on behalf of our CoP

  • Networking opportunities to meet with teachers of different background and skill-sets for collaborations

Members Commitment

  • Identify and recognize yourself as a member of  T&L CoP

  • Attend at least one event of our CoP annually

  • Conduct at least one sharing session for our CoP throughout the project period

  • Share your contact information on our website for potential collaborators to reach you

Join Us!
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